• Closed toes made open toes

  • Open toes made closed toes

  • Ankle straps added to shoes

  • Instep straps added to pumps

  • New heels in the latest styles put on shoes

  • Recover heels in new leather

  • Lower heels on shoes

  • Custom dyeing of shoes

  • Reptile leather shoes & handbags reglazed

  • Handbags repaired

  • Platforms added to any shoes

  • Shoes made wider and longer one full size

  • Convert pumps into sling backs

  • Convert sling backs into pumps

  • Have golf spikes put on any shoe

  • Have zippers put in boots

  • Take in shaft (leg) of boots

  • Make shaft (legs) of boots wider

  • Put elastic in boots

  • Pointy toe shoes made round

  • Round toe shoes made pointy

  • Recover shoes in material to match gown

  • Put vibram soles and heels on shoes or boots

  • Ladies full soles and heels

  • Mens' full soles and heels

  • Change vamps on boots or shoes

  • Convert leather sole shoes to rubber sole

  • Convert rubber soles to leather soles

  • Replace heel counters

  • Replace heel lining

  • Replace vamp lining

  • Replace insoles

  • Change Chanel tips on shoes

  • Reconditioning & cleaning leather

  • Custom made shoes and boots

  • Custom made belts

  • Copy your favorite shoes or boots

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